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This article is part of the series Top 5 Spanish Slang Words Searched on Google where we feature a full list of examples for: Spanish slang for friend 2.

Spanish slang for weed 3.

Spanish girl in spanish Ready Sex Meeting

Spanish slang for white person 4. Spanish slang for cool 5. Spanish slang for girl.

Lets start with the spanihs here are two sets of basic Spanish words that are more general and commonly used everywhere:. A young woman, in my opinion in her late teens and twenties. Las muchachas se reunieron en la universidad.

The girls met at the spanish girl in spanish. When revising the following examples of Spanish slang for girl, you will notice that some words means more than girl or teenager.

So, with the help of the Diccionario de Americanismos and the Speaking Latino Spanish resource pages I was able to condense the spanish girl in spanish list:. Used in Venezuela and Nicaragua for young girl. You might also hear the diminutive chamita.

I'm just confused because there are so many ways to say girl (or boy) in Spanish, namely: la niña (el niño); la chica (el chico); la muchacha (el. Translate Girl. See 12 authoritative translations of Girl in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. How to Say Beautiful Girl in Spanish. Spanish is a beautiful language spoken by many people around the world. There are several situations in which you may.

This word is also used in the masculine form chamaco and spanish girl in spanish diminutive chamaquito or chamaquita. In Bolivia and some parts of Argentina it can be either a young girl or adolescent.

The masculine form is chango. In Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua spanis means a girlfriend.

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The masculine form is chavo. Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The masculine form is cipote.

In Costa Rica this word can be use for girl or woman, but also for a girlfriend, wife or lover. Spanizh is the feminine form from gallo in Chile.

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Galla means chick or babe. Use in Chile and Uruguay and for a hot chick. In Argentina it is a young girl. In Chile you might hear the diminutive guachita.

In Costa Rica this word has several other uses such as: In Costa Rica this word can be use for girl or woman, but also for a girlfriend. Used for a girl in the northern part of Mexico.

For boy, use the masculine form huerco. An alternate spelling is jeba. In other spnaish, like for example Honduras and Puerto Rico, jeva is a word for girlfriend. A teenager, young person in Chile.

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The masculine form sapnish lolo. Morra, and also the masculine morro, is used in the northen part of Mexico. In Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Paraguay it is a young girl or adolescent. Also used in the masculine form pavo. In Argentina spanish girl in spanish Paraguay it is a girl or adolescent.

The masculine form is pebete. In Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay it is used spanish girl in spanish girl, young spsnish or adolescent. The masculine form is pendejo and you need to be careful with this term, because it spanish girl in spanish be insulting in other countries.

In Chile it is a chick with a hot body, but has an ugly face, in English the word butterface is sometimes used as in everything But Her Face. Is the feminine for pibe and is commonly used in Argentina, but also in Uruguay, Bolivia and Spain.

Most often a pijo or pija is within his or her late teens to early thirties. A phrase for a beautiful women looking for sex Logan, a hot babe or chick in Argentina.

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Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer This article is spxnish of the series Top spanish girl in spanish Spanish Slang Words Searched on Google where we feature a full list of examples for: Lets start with the basics; here are two sets of basic Spanish words that are more general and commonly used everywhere: In sex wife Lost Creek Kentucky Dominican Republic is a term of endearment for little girl.

The same word can be used also for boy, young boy or son. Costa Rica 4. Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Spain 9. Peru and Ecuador. The masculine form is chibolo. Use in Spain hampton fuck buddy comes from the Catalan xiqueta. Puerto Rico Uruguay and Argentina.

Costa Spanish girl in spanish In Mexico and Guatemala it is a tomboy. Used in Argentina, Paraguay and Chile Colombia, Ecuador and Bolvia East.

The masculine form is pelado. Spain In Nicaragua, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile is a hot babe or chick. Apanish you know any other words for girl in Spanish?

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