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How pretty are you app

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This app is used to scan and analyse your face and prehty you know the pretty score: How to use: To support our expenses we had to integrate Ads. But thats not at the cost of user experience.

Face Beauty Analysis Test

If you feel we have done a good job how pretty are you app please rate us. Gladly excited with your revert. We shall be considering your valuable and constructive feedbacks in upcoming updates. Shall Strive our best to sustain your gratification. It could hurt someones feelings when they find out they shemale black booty not as pretty ars someone.

This shouldn't even be a game!!! I am VERY disappointed with the creator of this game!!!!!

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The people who are prettier than someone else would act like they are the prettiest person in the world. So the conclusion of this review is that it is hurtful and wrong to download!!!! Girls in leather fucking do not download this game!

When I found out that they added the how pretty are you app where you can play with friends and see who is prettier I felt it wasn't right. I feel sorry for the winner AND the loser.

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The winner could lose how pretty are you app friends if the brag to much BTW. So first of all wow I literally took a picture of myself and it was beautiful and then I took an ugly picture of myself and it was better than the other picture.

I mean I guess you can agree right? It makes you feel like you are really pretty.

Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

I Search Dating How pretty are you app

That is the complete opposite of me and who I am. This test is called the construct of society.

The fact that this even exists is absolutely ridiculous. Every on is beautiful af!! This is really stupid.

I Wanting Sex Contacts How pretty are you app

I know we all pretty much searched for this but still. Everyone is beautiful in there own way.

Gone are the days where you need Instagram followers and your Mom to tell you how good looking you are. Enter I was feeling self conscious about myself and feeling all kinds of ugly so I downloaded this app to get some perspective. I'm not very symmetrical so I'm. You'd think the amount of likes we get on Instagram or the amount of VSCO followers we have would be enough to suffice but for some reason.

I got average Jane. Probably because I have the normal brown hair and eyes. Anni This really made me confident and boosted my confidence.

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I got 98! HP sause I like this test and sometimes people call my eyes really pretty.

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Hope Iris Life Like most females, you have your days. That's because while you feel looks are important, you don't think they're.

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Lily My boy friend and I are really close and he and my friends call me beautiful. Kaylee Marisol This test seems cool!

Hello Gorgeous! Jasmine lamont I wear my pants to my waist and everything I wear fits my body shape I do not wear baggy clothes alp they look wears on me I love wearing skin tight tops.

Hello, gorgeous!