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Description of an attractive man

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describing handsome men | Best Descriptive Writing Sites

Evolutionary Psychology. Behavioral EcologyEvolution and Human Behavior.

Psychological ScienceJournal of Experimental Psychology. Personality and Individual Differences.

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World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass.

It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. His dark blue tie worked with the outfit.

His cuffs were turned up twice from his wrists. His hair was a little long, and a strand hung down onto his forehead.

After talking to Jack, Paul went around the room to meet each of us. When he spoke zttractive each of us, he was relaxed and smiled and held his hands out in front of him, in an open gesture.

11 qualities in men that women find attractive - Business Insider

Paul has green eyes with gold flecks. I wanted to step between his hands and adjust his tie just a little, and attractivee did all the other women in the room.

Describing attractive men. Here's a sample of a good description of a handsome character from a mystery series.

Descriptive Words for a Man

It never appears description of an attractive man any book, since Archie is the narrator, but Rex Stout had it written down for his own reference.

It goes beyond the static physical to the way the character moves, both in small motions and mn his overall posture: Monday, August 3, 3: Back to top. Monday, August 3, 5: You see where I'm going?

Emma Burnside. Monday, August 3, 7: For a mystery novel, I'd avoid going too over-the-top with descriptions, and I'd keep with imagery that's a bit darker and mysterious, especially if the character is a suspect.

The swirl of his loamy cologne had them swooning in the aisles. The lush, mother lode-gold atfractive he groomed so carefully had a rippling quality, a sign of his rude health. His only blemish was that he was beetle-browed and they sometimes knitted in frustration. The aquiline nose he sported complemented his prominent cheekbones.

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Handsome in an understated way, guy sucking my cock basalt jaw and Spartan shoulders spoke of strength. He possessed a latent, leonine power and always walked with purpose and authority. People had always remarked that his best feature was his entrancing, wayfarer-blue eyes. Sloe shaped, they could shine as bright as the evening stars when they were a-light with joy.

At description of an attractive man times, they could resemble two liquid-blue pools of flashing fire.

A handsome man | Quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

Flamboyant of character, the room always filled with his sonorous, rumbling voice. He was also quick to crack a joke or fire off a humorous retort. His rakish clothes were a source of amusement to some, not least because they emanated an herbal smell.

A Brad Pitt look-alike: The man I met at the wedding had a touch of the Brad Pitt about. His hair was Achilles-gold and coiffed to perfection.

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His eyes had the same startling clarity as a mountain stream and the lineaments of his face were in perfect proportion to each. He seemed moulded from a different cast as he description of an attractive man an androgynous if uncommon to most people. Lacquered and enamelled by the sun, he radiated energy and brio. His mountain peak cheekbones appeared chiselled into shape by a master craftsman.

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They were of such sharp contours, it looked as if they were sculpted and pared to perfection. With eyes as bright and spellbinding as lode stars, they bewitched all those who fell under his steady gaze.

They were a-sparkle with mirth and shone like two eternity-blue jewels enwrought in snow. Posted November 24, by liamo in Uncategorized.

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