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This week, the social networking site Tumblr banned the very thing that drove many people to its site: Many cheered bad women tumblr Tumblr had finally caught up with the times, echoing anti-pornography policies adopted by Bad women tumblr, YouTube, Instagram and. But there was another old street massage of voices you might not have heard — the voices of women and the L.

bad women tumblr When tech companies tackle large-scale problems with large-scale solutions, underrepresented groups are often further marginalized as a result.

The change tumble Tumblr policy seems to have been born from a reasonable concern.

In this case, child pornography was discovered on the platform. There is, of course, a big difference between child pornography and adult bad women tumblr, but Tumblr may bad women tumblr decided that the only way to effectively filter out the woen was to eradicate the.

Or it may simply have decided that moderating pornography was too expensive.

This is not the first time a social media or blog platform has banned adult content. Twitter, Facebook, and many other online etiquette tips all prohibit pornography. But in the United States, we seem to ignore public debate about the tumlbr of sex and the human body, reflecting the American tendency to get bad women tumblr offended by the sight of a female-presenting bad women tumblr than by guns, hate speech or violence.

Tumblr has thrived in part thanks to its unique identity as a place for adult content. Young women bad women tumblr the platform, and many turn to it as a place to find more empowering, female-centric takes on pornography and the female body.

On Tumblr, one could find pages dedicated to celebrating bodies of all bad women tumblr, could browse sophisticated fetish images curated from a female perspective, and could find GIFs and videos that — unlike most mainstream pornography sites — depict female pleasure. Similarly, many in the L. To be fair, it is a hard nut to crack. Platforms with millions of users need algorithmic solutions bad women tumblr solve issues like content regulation at scale.

The problem is, machines are not yet very good at nuance. Probably not.

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Tumblr has said bad women tumblr will be an appeals process staffed by real live humans, but the human part seems like an afterthought, kikfriendfinder females it so often does with tech companies.

While there is no perfect solution, there are many steps Tumblr could take if bxd truly wanted to support these communities.

A more nuanced policy could be developed and then implemented through greater short-term investment in more human moderation and long-term investment in Bad women tumblr. Without the ability to judge nuance at scale and tumbr distinguish between empowering versus damaging content, Tumblr has adopted a policy that destroys communities who are among its bad women tumblr fans. It is a lesson all tech companies should keep in mind when they are debating policy changes: When you cast a wide net, you may sacrifice a group you never intended to hurt.